Medical Gas Pipeline Systems (MGPS)

Medical Gas Pipeline Systems (MGPS) are crucial in healthcare facilities for delivering various medical gases to support patient care. Different countries and regions may have specific standards and regulations governing the design, installation, and maintenance of these systems.

Medical gases are vital life support measure and have no substitute.  

  • It is an Engineering Sub-system.  
  • Gases used for Human Healthcare are known as Medical Gases 
  • These are strictly controlled by both legislation and standards  
  • These are listed as drugs in Indian, European, US, Japanese Pharmacopoeias or in Medical Gas Pipe line System National Formulary of the countries  
  • These are considered drugs and have statutory specifications 
  • MGPS is intended to be a safe, convenient and cost-effective alternative to the use of “portable” cylinders, compressors & suction units  
  • It delivers Medical Gases, Medical Air and other gases from the source of supply to the terminal unit by means of a pipeline distribution system.  
  • In MGPS, Pressure Monitoring and Alarm Systems are integrated to alert the medical staff 
  • MGPS also includes Area Valve Service Units (AVSUs), Line Valves for isolation of the system for servicing or repair.