HVAC Systems

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. It refers to the systems that regulate and move heated and cooled air throughout residential and commercial buildings, from homes to offices to indoor stadiums.

HVAC systems are designed to move air, heating or cooling an indoor space in the process. These systems generally have three major elements: a heating unit, a cooling unit, and ducts to move the air. HVAC system starts with the ventilation that brings fresh air into a building. Natural ventilation takes air from open windows, doors, or cracks and uses pressure differences to force the air through a building. With today’s tightly sealed homes and offices, this requires the use of fans, blowers, filters, and ducts.

Product List Gulf Talents deals in:

Air Conditioning

  • Window Air Conditioner: We provide energy efficient window unit of capacity 1.5 TONS and 2.0 TONS nominal with environmentally friendly refrigerant R410 A with microprocessor control.
  • Split Air Conditioners: We offer a comprehensive range of energy-efficient and reliable split AC systems suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.
    It includes split unit (Larger Capacity), ducted/concealed mini split unit and decorative split unit.
  • Fan Coil Units: Fan Coil Units are offered both standard and district cooling requirement with a wide range of air flow rate and capacity.
    The ducted fan coil units with sleek, compact and low noise design makes it ideal for installations above the false ceiling. Fan Coil Units are available in 3 speed (psc motor) and Variable speed (ec motor) configurations with many standard options and accessories.
    Deliveries on Fan Coil Units are reliably prompt. For those urgent projects, these Fan Coil Units can be delivered on request, as fast as required, handled the way they will be installed, with factory piped valve package to reduce field installation time and piping time to an absolute minimum.
    Fan coil units provide flexibility of architectural design, the economy of operation and space usage, individual room control with privacy, quietness, the versatility of location and installation, and multiplicity of the control system. All these reasons make the SKM Fan Coil Units the first choice: Built in the Gulf…for the world.
  • Packaged Units: Our selection includes packaged air conditioning units that provide efficient cooling and heating solutions for various spaces.
    It is ideal for Commercial spaces, Warehouses, Schools, Mosques, Power Plants, Substations delivering the required indoor air quality and meeting the heating and cooling demands of the space.It’s available in wide capacity, ranging from 4 TR to 125 TR in various series provided with Invertor scroll, On-Off scroll or Semi-hermetic reciprocating and different refrigerants like R407c, R410a and R134a. Unit operation is controlled by Microprocessor controllers and available with thermostatic or electronic expansion valves.
  • 100% Fresh air packaged unit designed for year-round operation handling hot & humid to cold & dry fresh air.These packaged units are designed, rated and certified in accordance with International and Regional standards, like AHRI, ASHRAE, ESMA, SASO, etc.
  • AHUs (Air Handling Units): We provide AHUs designed to deliver optimal air quality and temperature control for diverse environments.
  • These are designed to meet the heating, ventilation and air conditioning demand of the space while consuming less energy and generating less noise.
  • Air Handling Units: The Air Handling Units are suitable for indoor and outdoor installations, catering to wide range of applications such as Schools, Commercial & Residential Buildings, Hospitals, Factories, Hotels, Restaurants, Cinemas, Mosques, Supermarkets, etc.,
  • We offer Air Handling Unit in wide range but not limited to from 1,000 CFM to 65,000 CFM in three different series; Modular Air Handling Units (MAH), Hygienic Modular Air Handling units (HMAH) and Comfort Air Handling Units (CAH).
  • Units are manufactured in ISO 9001 certified facility and the products offered are certified by International regulatory bodies like AHRI, Eurovent and TUV.
  • Chillers: We offer a range of chillers that cater to cooling requirements in industrial, commercial, and institutional setups.
    Air cooled packaged chillers are available in vast capacity, ranging from 8 TR to 520 TR in various series with efficient, low noise and high-performance Semi Hermetic Screw, VFD Semi Hermetic Screw and Scroll compressors with high heat transfer efficient evaporators and condenser coils. Unit operation is controlled by Microprocessor controllers and available with electronic expansion valves as well. These chillers are suitable to connect BMS with different protocols as standard. Chillers are available with R134a and R410A refrigerants.
  • Chillers are ideally suited for Hotels, high rise buildings, stores, hospitals and to any modern cooling applications. Every unit is thoroughly tested before delivery and ready for installation. Chillers are designed and manufactured to operate at a wide range of ambient temperatures, especially to meet the severe climatic conditions of the Gulf.
  • Water cooled packaged chillers are a quality product with an innovative design with minimum footprint required for the unit installation. The total package is assembled on a rigid structural steel skid for easy handling and robust support during installation and operation. High-efficiency heat transfer shell and tube evaporators are used. The EER of these units are substantially high and a real energy saver. Water Cooled chillers are available in an extensive range capacity and with different compressors and refrigerants.
  • VRF system: It incorporates a range of outstanding features, wide-range outdoor and indoor units, high external static pressure application, and energy-saving technologies. It supports an incredible piping length of 1,000m and a level difference of 110m, making it perfect for large high-rise buildings.
  • The outdoor unit’s capacity ranges from 8HP up to 88HP in 2HP increment, the maximum combination of 4 basic models.
  • VRF system achieves the industry’s top class energy efficiency of cooling and heating by utilising DC compressor control, DC Fan motor, and improved performance heat exchangers.

In summary, VRF System has high efficiency (in both EER & COP values), with a wide application range, high-reliability units, with enhanced comfort; and designed for easy installation & service

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